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For the magazine series, see The Dark Knight Returns, Volumes I and II. The Dark Knight Returns was John Joseph Adams first serialized work, published between September 1990 and May 1991. It was the first installment of his Batman series, and is considered by many to be the best Batman work in comic history. It spawned a number of spin-off titles, all of which remain in print. The story was later collected in a set in 2007, with the exception of the final two volumes, which were later reprinted in a number of paperback editions. A collection of the comics for the New 52 was released in 2008. See also Batman: The Dark Knight Returns: The Complete Collection. Batman has taken the Dark Multiverse by storm, leaving nothing but wreckage in his wake. For the first time, he must face a foe he cant bring himself to destroy. But his enemies may have allies of their own.

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