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Somewhere between the list of real phone numbers and the listing of celebrities real numbers, you find a long list of numbers with nothing in particular except numbers that youll never call. The numbers arent particularly scary, but its just a list of numbers that can easily be programmed into a remote control a remote control that youve never been taught how to use and would have no idea how to use if you ever learned how to use it. The list is also the basis for a game that might be good to play:A voice begins to greet you. Please, do not call from a pay phone. My grandmother will not be able to help you. If the phone rings from a pay phone, you will not reach her. Please try not to make any phone calls while I am home. I am calling from a pay phone so you will not be able to make a call. Do not attempt to make a call with this telephone. The voice is sweet and pleasant and does a good job of keeping you on your toes. Youve never heard the voice before, but youve heard it before in stories and movies. Perhaps it will be possible to reach her with this strange phone. Youre so intrigued and scared at the same time that you cant decide which is going to happen first. Youre tempted to just drop everything and spend several hours trying to call her. Youre not exactly sure who you are or what you want in life, but you know your grandmothers want some thing or some other by this point and you think your grandmother needs some money soon. You begin to call the phone numbers on the list to see if it works, but you are interrupted by a strange, deep voice. Youre a little unsure of the strength of your grandmothers voice, so you take the phone off the hook and leave the line open. You look at your grandmother on the TV screen. Her hair is short and falling down, which would be very nice on a woman, but you cant help but notice the long, thin beard and moustache on her face. You cant even imagine what kind of people shes.

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