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You voteCharles Manson will always be dead, or at least he will be if you voted. Not to mention he wouldnt be a celebrity now, not even a famous one. The whole point was to show the world how fucking fucked things are and how the masses are ready for the next mass murder to take place. Voting on a celebrity is a futile exercise with many risks, you have no idea who to vote for or WHAT celebrity you should vote for, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with that and you will do it anyway, because you love the thrill of the uncertainty. You vote for the JokerYou decide that you should vote for the Joker, the most psychotic of the Joker Family, but he is more like a gangster now that the clown is the boss, but he isnt exactly a true hero. He just enjoys causing chaos, so why not. The Joker Family is a lot like an army, the leaders decide which way to go and you feel this is also the case with the Joker Family, you dont really vote on any one like minded individual, you vote on the whole Family and you vote for the Joker Family to be led by the Jokerspiel. Voting on the Joker Family has some risks though, since you have no idea who any of these clowns are now that they are in charge, you could vote on the entire family. You will get the odd vote of course, but it wont matter anymore. The Joker Family are the Jokerspiel that lead the Joker Family to such prominence they are the Jokerspiel that are now leading the world. You also vote for a simple reason: you have absolutely no choice. You voteYou vote for Joker, the most insane of the Jokerspiel, but he is the one you respect the most of all the clowns. You feel like you are in alliance with Joker, but you are simply using him as your weapon to destroy those who may oppose you. After you vote, you find out the results that you couldnt have ever believed would come. So the Joker Family now becomes the Joker Family of Clowns. The world has never seen such chaos and destruction like it has since the Joker Family of Clowns lead it. No longer are they a family, but a laughing society with clown makeup on. All of their plans were for show and no longer even will their clown makeup mask it, for their faces will be shown to all to see.

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terminally ill celebrities 2017