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You go back to the main roomYou head to the main room and see that the party is indeed ending there. You see Johns band playing one last song and then they stop playing and a few people leave the room, but most leave in a hurry. Ve come here to see only to leave. You head back to the kitchen where you talk to some of the other workers and some of the homeless people who are in the area. The one thing everyone knows is the police are coming soon. Ll just have to be ready to defend ourselves when that happens, right bro. S right the police are going to try to break up this party any way. People are going to be tired from drinking and the party going on right now. I might as well come over and see if the people are ready for me yet, the rest are just going to be wasting time. T you just give the order for everyone to move over here as well. T really give such an order in your current state of intoxication. You can only give a silent yes or no. The other homeless people get quiet and start moving around in your direction. You try to move but one of them grabs your arm tightly and you fall backwards. D even be considering letting a bunch of people you barely know have a party. You utter as you suddenly feel all your weight lifted from your body. Re not dizzy in the least, but you were pretty fucked up from the night before. T bode well for your ability to fight off an enemy.

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