'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Husband David Eason Arrested

‘Teen Mom’ star David Eason‘s got new trouble with the law — although this time it has nothing to do with his wife, Jenelle Evans — instead, cops say he broke the law twice while behind the wheel.

David got busted in Columbus County, NC, where he and Jenelle live, for driving on a revoked license. Even worse, cops say he was tooling around town with an open container of alcohol when they stopped him Friday night.

According to the NY Post, David posted a $750 bond, through a bondsman, in order to get released from jail.

Jenelle and David, who were once bitterly estranged, reconciled last year — however, David apparently didn’t make up with the state of North Carolina. According to Jenelle, he failed to pay an old seatbelt ticket … and that’s why his license has been revoked.

The court dates are stacking up for David … he has 2 of ’em coming up in February for this new arrest, and also from summer 2020 — for assault with a deadly weapon.

BTW, cops told us they didn’t bother taking a new mug shot for his latest arrest, because David essentially looks the same.

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