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The celebrities audience can also be a lot of teenagers. The actors, the directors, the crew are all of all ages. The main reason this list is called New Celebrity is that this one is the newest to arrive, and shes the youngest on this list. You watch the girlsSomewhere, a little girl is smiling while she watches these young girls, and shes thinking I wanna be like them. You didnt do it, but you cant complain. They want to look like these famous girls. You dont want to look like them. And you work hard, with a determination that seems strange, seeing that you dont care about your work. You work your entire existence with just that in mind. You work day and night to create things that are useful. So your life is boring and ordinary until one day, you see something. You try to reach out to these new girlsIts like you were waiting for this, a feeling that hasnt happened in all your years, but you know its finally time. Youre sitting on your couch watching TV, watching these young women, and youre thinking How can I reach them. How can I tell them what I think they want and need, and if I do, how can I convince them to like it. These young people, they want to feel attractive, they want to feel confident, they want to feel liked, and they want a lot more than a bunch of guys telling them what to do. But you still do the best you can. You try to reach the new girls, to give the impression that youre right where they are. You try to make yourself seem young and attractive, confident, and to make yourself seem like a person you want to be like. As you watch the others, you feel more than a little sorry for them. They dont even know whats going on, theyre so lost in their own little world of their own making. You stop wasting your precious timeYou try to reach out to them, and you succeed. You know whats going on in their lives and they think youre right where they are. T have the answer; but you have the time to help them.

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