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For the first time in two decades the United States Navy is sending men in submarines deep below the waves. In a few short years, thousands of men are scheduled to graduate from the Coast Guard Academy and then be chosen by the Navy to join these elite teams of men who go into the depths of the ocean in search of an elusive white whale. Youre one of just a few dozen young men who has already volunteered to be one of these men. As youre on your way to your final day of training, you meet a young girl by the name of Kayla. She and some friends are hanging out on the docks of New London, Connecticut. Youre told that, based on reports from the crew of a submarine, it appears the U. Navy ship is in the vicinity of a large, blue whale swimming just off the coast of Hawaii. As far as you can tell, its the largest whaling vessel ever to have been built. It probably weighs more than 100 tons and is almost as long. Youre my last night in New London. You start walking away from her when she calls after you excitedly. I dont care what you think it is, its right there. Im absolutely damn sure, you reply. That night the submarine leaves the dock and heads out to sea. Do we have your word that if we find no whale, youre coming back. Ill be damned if Ill let anyone else come in here to make me do that. Set off into the dark blue infinity of the ocean. When you finally emerge from the ocean the next morning, your guide, a tall, dark-haired man in a dark blue business suit, leads you across the deck toward a large, flat screen TV. On one side, a giant screen shows a movie reel, as you watch the ocean grow still and the surface of the planet grow brighter and brighter.

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