Teddy Soares talks making a positive change after huge Faye Winter split

Love Island's Teddy Soares has opened up about making "positive changes" to his life following his shock break-up.

The 2021 finalist hit headlines earlier this year when he split from girlfriend Faye Winter, who he originally met in the famous villa.

But now, in a paid Instagram promotional video, Teddy, 28, is shown splashing 'village maze' and 'pebble shore' colours across his living room walls as a way to uplift the environment, following a downbeat last few months.

While the post is promotional, Teddy candidly opens up about a rough few months while redecorating.

"It's time for a change, I'm going through a huge transitional phase of my life at the moment," he says. "As you know, I went through a breakup at the start of the year."

Speaking to new less than two weeks ago, 27 year old Faye suggested she's still in a grief period regarding their separation.

"I think with any break-up and any grieving process, it comes in waves. You know, sometimes the sea is like a millpond and then all of a sudden there will be a big wave.

"There are still some days where I get really emotional, but it’s been easier to try and move on knowing there is full closure now," she continued, before reflecting on the challenging aspects of their life in London together.

"I was two and a half hours away from all my friends and all my family [in Devon], whereas Teddy's family and friends were literally just around the corner. So it was really hard. And also, it was just a completely different way of life for me.

"Before living there, the only time I’d ever been to London was to do my Love Island auditions. Now I can really appreciate going there, but I’m a Devon girl, a country girl. So I did struggle with that side of things and being in the house a lot on my own.

"It was really lonely, but at the same time, looking back, it was a really good time for me to get used to my own company, so I’m just going to take the positives out of it."

Meanwhile, his first post-split interview, Teddy recently admitted to feelings of finding his voice again.

"I feel like I'm coming out of my shell again and going to events and going out more. Which is really nice," the reality TV star told MailOnline.

"[Faye] talks about me in the press and we agreed not to but I don't speak about her. I've never been through a public breakup before so it's difficult seeing it everywhere and seeing things she posts and stuff online."


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