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You choose the one, which is Taurus, and as you stare at the photo, you cant help but laugh at the irony that you were chosen as a celebrity after all. It seems like an incredibly lame dream, but the next day you wake up as the real deal. You continueYou laugh your head off, and as you look at the photo, you shake your head. This just got really out of hand, what did I decide to pick. The photos title reads Taurus Celebrities, but what did the celebrities in the picture actually look like. From left to right, youve chosen Dance with a Dance Singer, Wear a Shirt That Says WOW I love Me With A Gun In My Hand, and Be a Warrior, which seems like a pretty good combination when you think about it. The names Jade, and Im in the best band in town. Whatever fits with the other, which one of these is the worst. As you ask that question, it seems like a no-brainer. You choose Be a Warrior, because you already like being a warrior. Ill choose Be a Warrior, because I already LIKE being a warrior. Excellent choice, you mustve been trying to choose from all of these. The one with a giant tattoo, talking about how he will conquer all of the world with the strength of his soul. You must be a masochist, because thats actually a really good one. Well, it doesnt matter, because youre not getting the last option. You look at the others, and you see five options, but it seems like only one of them is left. Ill pick the one with a giant tattoo, talking about how he will conquer all of.

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taurus celebrities female