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Miley, Rihanna: 6 4 Amber, Sasha, JillianMichaels. Bobby Joseph: 6 4 Eddie Cera and Olivia Florence. Tina, Ashley Jillian, RuthAnn, Ashley Aimee Miles. The celebrities are all super tall in real life, but are short in-world. There are a bunch of super tall people, but they do get a little over-confident in their abilities, which results in them usually being short in-world, unless they are a super-athlete, then they can easily outclass someone and their height just helps them gain advantage and heightmass ratio is more important. A few of them might actually be taller than you depending on which one are you talking about, you will just have to decide which one you are talking about and which one you want to look like. You want to look like a modelLook like an actress. You want to look like a modelLook like a model. You take the model option insteadYou take the model optionYour height is 62, 1. 93m, Your body type is very average lookingYou do not have the body type.

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