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While you werent going to get any bigger, you thought you should start a campaign to get some of the younger stars. The only thing that you could think of was celebrities that worked in other fields. The people you could get them were celebrities that were really famous, but not big box stores or TV shows. You also tried to get some of the celebrities that were famous for drugs, but that still wasnt very successful. Who else was out there that you could get. You start a campaign to get some of the young stars. For the next few days you tried to get a message to everyone in Hollywood, but none of the main people seemed to even know who you were or why you wanted to send a message. In fact your only success was getting a message from a girl from a small town in Mississippi named Debbie. She was a big star there and a little too young for you, but for a celebrity she sure was young for you to get. You wrote a letter to Debbie, and sent it to Tom Hanks. Tom wrote back that he would get you a message to Debbie, and also a message to another young star from his hometown called Kevin Bacon. You were both young, and you had a lot of talent, so you thought it was best to get the message to them as quickly as possible. As you were trying to get each letter sent, you realized that you didnt have any money on you, Although your Mom had given you a bunch of money for your college in the mail, so you were stuck at a bus stop. The bus that you were on was actually going to Los Angeles, and you were not going to be able to go with it, so you were stuck. By this time you were really tired and you got off the bus. The driver saw you, but didnt stop because the bus was full up anyway. Feeling kinda desperate, you looked at the ground, and began to cry. The bus driver saw you, and asked you if you were okay. The bus driver looked at you, and then at the ground again. You got up and walked across the bus, and got into the back. The back of the bus wasnt very comfortable, but at least you werent in the front. You were tired and you just wanted to sleep.

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