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Still, its a pretty personal, to, considers thats why theyre called that. This is a topic that can be quite complicated if you are in fact not ready to have children. But if you are, I think it is quite possible to make your day, month and even year even more productive if you are willing to give it proper thought and consideration. If you arent, well, then at least you arent doing something rash. Now that that is out of the way, let us get to the point;If you are already a parent, s, or have children, then congrats on your life and I am sure you have already made a decision. The question you are probably asking yourself is, what is the right decision. There are two questions I want to answer and the answers are: 1, WHAT IS YOUR PERSONAL PRIORITY. Your Personal PriorityYour personal decision to have or not have children has been on your mind for quite some time. You may have just been putting it off, or you may have been putting it off the way you did when you graduated from college. Either way, it is time to ask yourself: what is it that you truly want out of living a full and enriching life. As I have said, I believe you would have made a different decision had you not been a single mom. Your desire for parenthood comes with the cost of having a whole new set of responsibilities and responsibilities associated with it. You will no longer be able to enjoy the company of a significant other, being on your own will no longer be an option, nor will you be able to simply escape your lifes problems on a sunny day and go on holiday. You will have to work hard and have a solid work ethic. This job doesnt come without its plusses however, so you arent going to be complaining about the lack of luxuries, you will be looking for positive aspects of it. You will also have the opportunity to do something that you cannot do now: give your life purpose and meaning. You may want to pursue higher education and go to business school or you may just want to have a career. Or even something less glamorous and something you are probably going to have to do yourself: learn to cook, crochet, clean, look after children, tidy your home and in general just deal with the things life can throw your way. I know I know, it sounds like a lot, but I believe if you had a child, you would be far better able to deal with the things that life brings your way. The reason why you are even considering whether you should have children or not is probably because you are not satisfied.

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celebrities with one child