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Jpg -20CelestineAs much as youd like to join in the fun, you cant do it. Your new skin tone is a bit too much out of the ordinary. You look like a Black girl from the South Side of Chicago with dreads. The only thing thats worse than looking like this is actually being in a group of Black people. You feel like people of your own race are staring at you. S not that you want them to stop talking to you. Re feeling nervous, but because it makes things easier for them. T exactly go over well that a White woman starts talking to you. You take a step back and wait for them to finish their sentence. Re probably going to be really uncomfortable around you. Re probably going to get the shit end of the hand. The woman looks at you a bit nervously and her eyes flick from your face to yours. Re just going to leave you alone and move on. I mean you could always keep your distance.

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