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S hard to believe this is the same place you left several years ago. Even your old house, where you spent so much time partying, is now rented out to someone else. You find someplace to sit on the grass and look at the stars. As you look, you think about how things have changed. The way of life you had before, is no longer the way the world revolves. The music, art, and philosophy you came up with back then, is now more in-vogue than ever in the West. Now, you feel happy about your current position as you ponder a new direction ahead in your life. And you wonder if maybe that was just an illusion of your mind. Maybe your new life is going to be just as hard as your old one was. Suddenly you hear a voice that sounds familiar. You look over and see Donna, standing on the opposite side of the grass, with her back to you. T appear to be in any hurry to see you. You start to get suspicious that this is all just some sort of trick. I thought you might like to meet someone new. Re still a bit on the outside looking in as it were. You suddenly get the urge to tell Donna how you really feel about this situation. Ve been depressed all this time, and now that the world has changed around me, I want to move on. T want you here to keep me down. M not here to keep you down.

This post about 58 celebrities

58 celebrities