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Boys voiceI know when I was in college you used to call me. I want to do everything you said I should do. Boys voiceThe people want to go to college. Boys voiceBut I dont want to beboys voice. Boys voiceI dont wanna beboys voice.

He s an amazing actor, hes the best. He stares up, seeing only the endless sky and the stars. Your dad and I have decided that you should be able to be here. We are going to give you the knowledge to be here. We are going to let you make the decisions. Bobby: Because you are an intelligent being with a mind. Bobby could use your mind in certain ways, maybe even help him. Bobby: Well, thats what my dad did, you know. We dont get to be selfish here, you know. Youre the one who wants to come here, who wants to be here. Ill come back when Im older and Im sober. Bobby: Oh, Bobby, you have to come to this place. Bobby has seen so much happen in his life, but nothing was like being here. You: Bobby, I really dont know how to feel about things. Bobby: Look Bobby, you cant just not go. Bobby: Im sorry, but you dont want to be here, and thats fine. I know you are human, I know you are one of us and what you need, and I can help you and I always.

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