T Pebble Beach Pro-Am is the sports stars and celebrities participating …

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You dont go to Pebble BeachYou cant. You head to Pebble Beach on the weekend of September 15, with your sister Tawni in tow. Youre not the only one heading there though, as you see dozens of cars being driven by a number of famous golfers, pro-am golfers, etc. You see a couple of your other classmates from school along with you, but by the time you all realize it, its all over. A bunch of pro-am golfers take a bunch of celebrities to dinner, and its all over. After dinner, of course, you sit next to your cousin Bobby, and enjoy a nice conversation that lasts for the rest of the night. Eventually its getting on in the morning and Bobby says he needs to go to the airport, and says hes going to get breakfast at a place nearby that you dont recognize. You have no idea where hes going to, but youre happy that he came. Then, as the sun rises, Bobby walks out the front door. You realize he isnt coming back, and youre left wondering where he is. You figure he went back to the hotel that he and Sarah were staying in, so you go along with him, but when he tells you to wait a moment, you realize hes not coming back. You go back to the house and find a note on one of your doors, but it doesnt say anything you know, just: Bobby, I love you. You say to Bobby, and then, you get up, take the keys to the front door, enter it, and rush inside. You find your cousin Bobby, looking up as you do so, with his arms around you and his head resting on your shoulder. Im sorry for not calling tonight, I know you did, and I love you. Hes about your age, so you probably look like a nice girl. You have short blonde hair and blue eyes. I want exactly what I had before you arrived. I know, and I love you too, You say, as Bobby begins kissing you on the lips. Soon, youre laying on his back and your head is nestled against his chest.

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