Sydney Sweeney Mapped out Cassie's Wild Ride in 'Euphoria' Season 2

It’s no secret that Sydney Sweeney takes a very heady approach to the craft of acting. The Washington native creates entire books for each and every one of her characters. These books serve as interactive timelines of her characters’ lives, from the day they were born to the very first page of the script. Sweeney’s Euphoria character, Cassie Howard, was no exception to this rule. But Sweeney deepened this intricate process in preparation for Euphoria Season 2.

Sydney Sweeney knows exactly what Cassie did between ‘Euphoria’ Season 1 and 2

Cassie’s arc in the sophomore season of Euphoria was nothing short of bananas. After falling for her best friend’s ex-boyfriend, she throws caution to the wind and destroys all of her relationships in pursuit of love. While Cassie’s emotional unraveling played out linearly for fans, that wasn’t the case for Sweeney. Because the series was filmed out of order, the actor had to work backward to make sure that her character’s overall trajectory in season 2 made sense.

Though only a few weeks’ time passed between Euphoria Season 1 and 2, Sweeney made sure she knew what Cassie had gotten up to. She added more pages to her character book, dreaming up all the ways that her character must’ve spent her time over winter break. Once that was done, and she got the new scripts, the Sharp Objects alum painstakingly mapped out how Cassie was feeling throughout the course of the season.

The MMA fighter mapped out her character’s journey for the sophomore season of ‘Euphoria’

“I had to kind of map out Cassie’s roller coaster of her arcs and make sure that I would somehow get to that point correctly and seamlessly,” Sweeney explained to Gold Derby. But why was it so important for Sweeney to map out Cassie’s arc? The actor explained that it helped her to ground herself in her character’s choices. Furthermore, she wanted to display that Cassie was worthy of empathy despite most Euphoria fans viewing her as a villain of season 2.

Sweeney really went the extra mile to understand her character

“I truly wanted to feel what she feels and try and understand what she’s feeling because I didn’t want to take lightly any of the choices that she was making,” Sweeney revealed “And so by me making everything a serious matter and not making a joke, I think that is how it was able to convey to an audience.”

Clearly, Sweeney’s attention to detail paid off for her. Her performance in Euphoria Season 2 certainly got the attention of fans. Some people are even campaigning for the actor to receive an Emmy nomination for her performance in the show. Only time will tell if that becomes a reality. However, we’re sure fans are looking forward to seeing what Cassie gets up to in season 3 and how Sweeney continues to bring Cassie to life.

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