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It seems so easy, but then you never believed youd see it all before the weekend. You think to yourself, you can make this work too. Youll take the girls out to a restaurant and you and Diana, then you can enjoy your evening together. Youve been having fun lately, but you know that its about to get better, so you have to go and see Bobby to make sure you dont have any doubts about that. Plus, you have to see your family too. You make plans, but when the time comes, you just dont have that extra energy to make them. You head back to your room and start packing items for your trip. You lay in your bed for a moment and then you stand and head to your kitchen to get some of your favorite foods, like the popcorn, candy, etc. You throw the food in a bag and head downstairs to your front door. You dont come back up here; you just dont think about it. You arent even ready to start the trip yet. You decide to go to a friends house who is staying on the other side of town. You figure that youll meet up there and do it there. A few hours later, you get a phone call on the end of the bed. I dont want to talk anymore about the past anymore, I need to think this through, its got to do with the future of the rest of the family too. Can you come back from your honeymoon. So can you come back with us. Bobby hangs up the phone and you start shaking. You take the popcorn off the counter and just look at it in disgust. Are you telling me this woman is the one you committed suicide by jumping off a bridge. Youve known Diana for seven years and you dont know, just how fucked up this situation is. Bobby, you just need to calm me Sigh, Bobby, youre going to have to speak to me yourself. I need to know the fuck up of what happened between us and how it wasnt my fault Sigh, I dont know Bobby, but Im getting the hell out of here. You hang up, head to the living room, slam the door and start turning on the tv.

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