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Theres a lot of stuff on the internet thats positive about Sweden. In fact you can probably add Sweden into the list of countries that arent-in-the-United States. Sweden is in that category of countries that arent-in-the-United Stations that arent-in-the-United StatesWhat is it about Sweden. It is true that Sweden has a higher standard of living than most countries. However, many of their neighbors are also richer than Sweden and thats not even counting other wealthy countries. Sweden has the highest standard of living of any of Scandinavia even after taking into account that their neighbor Norway is richer than them. Some countries with a much lower standard of living in the world such as New Zealand has a lower standard of living than Sweden. Even if you include the richer neighbors you are left with the conclusion that Sweden is even richer than Norway and certainly more than New Zealand. If the standard of living wasnt such a big deal to you, you might find it surprising that Sweden is considered one of the most enlightened countries in the world. These days enlightenment means something different to a lot of people. For some it means looking at everything the same way as you. The result is that they have a kind of faith in what they believe in. Most of the time they just believe that if something is right then it is right all the time, which is not much different from the old religious belief that everything was made by god. For some it means learning new things or exploring new things. This usually means that what you believed was wrong is no longer the right way to think. You see, if you have something wrong with something then in that case youll always have it with you, even if it is in your grave. A hero is someone that helps out others without discrimination. Many other reasons are common, but they all have one thing in common: they all have a belief that things should be equal for everyone even if they dont see that as an option because that would be too hard for them. For some it means that they are not just satisfied with their current life, but want to go on a journey of self-discovery. This is usually a result of a large change that happened in their life and they see that they dont know everything and they want to learn more. Sweden is certainly one of the more enlightened nations in the world.

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