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I was born in1914, thenTom Hardy mademelook a messywithhis looks. You feel a little sad for you, but then you think that it probably is a good thing that you never really made an effort to look your best. You do wonder if it was a little more than you ever bargained for, You then remember your last day eating at Tom Hardys apartment. You were talking with a girl when Tom Hardy walked in and was instantly hit on by her. At one point at the table Tom Hardy grabbed your hand and said something that made you gasp. He then proceeded to kiss you on the cheek and told you she was his girlfriend. You were shocked, and you were probably more shocked that the girl was someone you didnt know and didnt even really know your age. You then made a mental note of what happened to your face and didnt go back for awhile. You think you are ready for a change, but then you think you should start with something simple like a fat-burner or a cheat-food. S not like you always liked certain foods anyway so it would be a little easier to quit if you got some of the junkies out of your life. M so glad you came here, because what the hell am I gonna do. Just like the other days when I went to that other place.

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supplements celebrities use get ripped