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Pupc11 pupc11 pupc11 pust11 pupadI cant help, I have a passion. I do whatever the heck I feel like doing. Pust11 The more you think about it,the more it makes sense. I have always wondered whatit was like to have you to think for me. Pupad11 I feel like I should be thanking youFor helping to make this happen,But you didnt exactly ask. You didnt exactly ask for my opinion. I didnt even feel like I had the right to sayThat I would choose your style over your sisters. Pupd11 Youre right, I shouldnt have gotten in your way. Im not a saint by any means,But I just want to give you my thanks. So please, go and tell your sister. Pupd11 That Im forever in her thoughts,And that I love her more than anything. For the rest of our time together,I will try to do everythingIn my power to make sure she gets the best of this deal. I will try to get my sister to stay as young as possible. Pupd11 Now all I have to do is get a job,I want to do everything in my power to get that,But as it stands, Im in a lot of shit. And I wont be able to do much until I get a job,Now that I know that Im in so much shit.

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