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We would have to go to more far-flung, exciting places. Our list of exciting places would be so long. We cant waste any more time. It was summer, so it was really hot, at least in the backyard. We were on the couch watching cartoons on the TV when I realized something. Asked my sister, who had just started to eat her fries. Krabs gets the Krusty Krab going in a big way. Okay, that one, I said, looking at the screen in front of us. I said, which caused Sandy to raise an eyebrow. Hes gonna marry me one day. She was giving me that look that kids give each other. It seemed like a year later that we were sitting in the living room again, watching The Smurfs together. Now Sandy was back to her weird baby-wearing, singing baby-wearing behavior. She was acting so much like our crazy little sister. Now I can hear you talking to yourself. Okay, Sandy, you can talk to me.

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