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Comwatch Thatcorkscrew had a cab driver who had just met Lord Vortecius The cab driver said one of his first memories was when Fiennes kissed him He said the following happened when he saw Lord Voldemort and the two had a cab ride together:Lord Vortecius: Where am i going. Cabbie: To a partyLord Vortecius: Ive never been to any parties before. Cabbie: We picked you up at the Airport. Cabbie: Were gonna meet this random guy at this partyLord Vortecius: A party. Cabbie: Yep, a bunch of people are gonna come over, have a bunch of fun and then leave after theyre done so dont worry about being here too long. Lord Vortecius: Wont there be people there. Were not picking you up at the airport either. Lord Vortecius: So Ill get picked up by some chick at a hotel then. Cabbie: Nope, youre our sole pick up. Lord Vortecius: So I need to be there with a girl to be picked up by her. Lord Vortecius: Okay, then how the hell are we gonna get there. Cabbie: Thats a trickLord Vortecius: What are you talking about. Cabbie: Well, maybe you should leave your hotel room and meet up with us here. Lord Vortecius: I dont want to get picked up by some hot chick and put in a taxi back to my hotel room. Cabbie: No, Im sure we wont be picky. You might know a friend of a friend with a cab in front of the hotel that would take you hereLord Vortecius: Well its not practical for me to just go to another friends house.

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