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Many many celebrities take steps to speak out against bullying and to make no glamorous statement, without using, of, their own, words. Celebrities that have spoken out against bullying include the most overrated singer and the most flamboyant actress, on the biggest music stage in the world. The tweet was later deleted and replaced with a new message. The comments were also made on a Facebook video created by the group to explain their position, where they have been described as a group of young people who have joined forces to stop bullies. In December we took on the most powerful of all bullies our parents, they wrote, we showed them how bullying has no place in our society and we showed them just how powerful we are. They are the ones who should be ashamed of themselves and if you cant stand the sound of our voices then you shouldnt be a parent. The group has attracted controversy over its plans, however, with the United Nations saying that the groups plan was not in accordance with international law. In a statement, UN spokeswoman Marie-Claire Sailly urged all sides to immediately respect and protect children, including those who may be subject to physical and verbal abuse or exploitation. The right to freedom of expression and assembly is an individual right and must be protected irrespective of the identity or status of the recipient. The groups Facebook page has also created a buzz of interest of several thousand likes, and comments on the video have been extremely negative, with many users asking why the group was posting the comment and where the money for the billboard came from. 1 million needed to place the display at the entrance of Sydneys city centre shopping mall. One commenter wrote: Just saw this video on your page. It seems that you are getting some serious support to show everyone that Bullying actually CANT happen here and its time for all of us to show these disgusting people that bullying will not be tolerated in Australia. If you can get some business for it, great. If not, you should use it to get rid of the idiots in your life who are making you feel like sht for standing.

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