Stars, these hugely successful celebrities found themselves bankrupt and without a cent to …

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Stars, these hugely successful celebrities found themselves bankrupt and without a cent to their names. 25 celebrities who were rich and famous before losing all their money. The heavyweight champion declared bankruptcy, returned to jail, and.

The bankruptcy of celebrities, and the unemployed of celebrities, is the most important story. I will post in the next couple of days what I found in the article but I just noticed that the article is from 2011 so I think it is something in that context. The real news that I found in that article is that many celebrities have made millions out of what should be a one way bet, because the industry is still in the making stage and there is a lot of potential for many to make tons from just a few short years. As a matter of fact, this article has brought a lot of new people to my website and I would like to thank it for that. In case you have not seen it, the article was also in the top 10 most popular articles of 2011. I would also like to give a shoutout to the author of that article of the year for such an unbelievable article. The recent spate of cyberattacks against the computer systems of the National Security Agency and the Office of Personnel Management was the work of Chinese hackers or possibly Russian officials, according to a report that was published this week by the Wall Street Journal. The hackers are believed to be the same group that took credit for the Office of Personnel Management breach, which led to the theft of Social Security numbers and other sensitive data for about 21 million current and former government employees. Security official told the Journal that the attacks appear beyond imagination and could only have come from a source inside the United States. The government-wide breach was first revealed in an April 1 report by the contractor CrowdStrike. CrowdStrike is also behind the recent attack on the DNC, the hack that prompted outgoing DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz to step down CrowdStrike officials believe the data stolen from OPM and its contractors includes information such as employee names, dates of birth, work addresses, encrypted passwords and, most importantly, employee security clearances. The Department of Homeland Security released a statement on Wednesday saying that it is aware of the breach of the OPM systems. DHS has been in contact with federal agencies to share our findings and is coordinating with those agencies to protect the sensitive and personally identifiable information of those individuals impacted, DHS spokesman Scott McConnell said.

Most people go bankrupt because they are either unable to pay debt or they have gone bankrupt to avoid paying debt. What is often misunderstood and misrepresented is that bankruptcy is not a form of theft unless you steal the money from someone else. If youre not paying your credit card balances or your student loan, dont get a lawyer or go to court because it will NOT be a theft its just the law. Banks and creditors should pay you off, with interest, so you can get back on your feet. 50, US You do not have to go to court to pay a debt. However, if you have a judgment against you, you are considered a debtor in possession and will likely be required to pay the judgment. You should ask the court about filing an eviction against you. If you cannot pay the judgment it will be set aside and will stay on your record for 2 years. You have the option of paying the amount owed, or you can pay it by money order or certified check You have to pay the amount owed in order to get possession of the property, i. Court ordered cash You do not have the right to negotiate with the creditor and pay less to get possession. If you cannot pay the judgment you will NOT be permitted to possess the property. You are still liable to pay off any judgments against you, unless you can prove that your debts are paid off or you can prove you have enough money to cover it You are still liable for any taxes owed to the IRS, again unless you can prove that all debts are paid off or your income is large enough to cover the taxA bank will still have rights to your property even if you cant pay the judgment in a timely fashion. 600 and have no other source of income, the bank could still hold your home on a lien or attach it to your mortgage, as opposed to a judgment against you, to collect the payment. The following are the 7 things that will stop YOU from becoming a bankrupt. Pay OFF YOUR HIGH-YIELD DEBTIf you have high interest debt and you are unable to pay it off, the creditor has the right to sue you and attempt to collect the debt. If you cannot pay the full amount due the creditor will hold onto your property until you pay the balance because the law states that the creditor must be paid in full.

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