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Celebrity Personal Stylist Stylists are the artists of the fashion world. They get to create looks that are often more than just pretty colors and prints; they can be fashion statements. Stylists can work as models, stylists, assistants, make-ups artists, hair stylists, wardrobe assistants, or anywhere in the fashion world. A good runway look requires lots and lots of clothing, a little bit of make-up and a few tricks of the trade. Stylists are the ones who can come up with all of this. As a stylist, you can learn about and put together outfits that will please your clients, but you also can be creative and come up with new looks that will wow your fellow stylists and even potential clients. At Fashion Week, you might be the only one with a pair of scissors and a list of requirements. You might not be as polished as other stylists, but you could put together a top-notch personal look. -Some people have a knack for styling, but thats a rare quality. Celebrity Model Youre probably aware of the fact that there are literally dozens of women who could replace Lindsay Lohan in your life with their ability to attract and hold the hearts of men. Most celebs are offered the opportunity to be models on a regular basis, whereas its not always the case for everyone. You could be one of the very few, and the rest of these women would need to have a lot in common with you to choose such a model. When it comes to making money, youve got a lot of options. -The number of models is relatively high, and you wont have to compromise your sense of style. Celebrity GQ Style Photographer GQ Style photographers are the people who take the fancy pictures for GQ, Esquire and other fashion magazines. Theyre in demand all over the fashion world, and they usually arent paid very well, but the rewards are great, especially if youre able to shoot a big scene. GQ Style photographers are the people who take the fancy pictures for GQ, Esquire and other fashion magazines. Your job might be to do a photo shoot with just one model, but you could do a shoot with as many as you please. You might have to wear a lot of make-up and get a lot of photos taken of you all together.

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