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Its been years since I last read it, so Ill have to go back and reexamine some of the titles. However, from all the various reactions Ive gotten from reading the magazine, I think were in for a treat:Its actually a bit of a shock to read that The Joker is considered the most hated comic book character. Even though hes pretty much been dead for 10 years, people still dislike the guy. I imagine it must be because he doesnt have nearly as much characterization these days as there once was and his dark nature makes up for it. People also seem to think hes pretty much a joke. I mean come on; hes got a laugh track that rhymes with crapulent. The characters that people hate have either been retconned or are based on people that are actually real people. My guess is that the real-life hate for the Joker may stem from the fact that he was responsible for the deaths of several teenagers when he was the Joker. The fact that he was the lead antagonist of several movies, most notably the first two Batman movies, probably adds a bit of the jerk factor to the character. I suppose if he was a woman, he would have been the worst woman ever, right. Shes one of those animated characters that you dont hate, but you dont really see her in many titles, so you dont really give her a chance. Hmm, well the reaction to her has been a bit more mixed. Some people love her and say shes a funny character and a great addition to the Batman universe. Others think shes just a one-trick pony thats only good at being the jerk to the Joker. I think the main reason why Batman movies have become so popular over the years is because people who arent big Batman fans feel as if they have to watch the movies. In addition, its also because they allow people without a lot of money to see a character that they can relate to. When did you first start reading comics and how did it affect your life. Well, I started reading comics when I was two years old and I never stopped until I was like 35. I cant really pinpoint the age I started reading comics, but it was right around that time when comic books really came into their own as a form of entertainment. Comic books were always my favorite kind of books and I had even been reading them since the seventh grade. However, I hadnt really developed a taste for them until I moved to New York City a few years later and encountered the comics I was doing before I left.

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