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In case you wonder what my thoughts are on the whole post, Im just going to quote one of my favorite quotes from the very end of the list:Ill let you in on a little secret: celebrities can die any day of the week, so many of them it hurts me to write them down. You tell him your opinionThis list is very upsetting. It makes me question the integrity of those who have died over the weekend. I mean, yes, some of these deaths are sad, but they happen every fucking day. My fucking guess is that Tom Petty died in bed, with his wife. You say what you thinkI cant even imagine what Tom Petty was like in the bedroom. The other person just shakes his head, but then you see his expression change and you get the impression that he hasnt been able to help himself. I just dont get why they dont keep track of how old people are as it is. I guess some of the celebrities that died obviously had real, live children who probably miss their real parents. But then in some cases there is no other explanation, like Marilyn Monroe. She had no children and thats just a sad fact. The point Im trying to make is, this list is just so upsetting, because I just dont wanna think about the fact that I might not know who Im gonna get to kiss and hold later tonight after work just because somebody died later that week. I mean, what will happen to me if I dont learn who my crush is the night before this big interview. What if I dont get that job I really wanna work for. You tell him youre going to have no problem with that. You cant get away from your past, just like I cant get away from the fact that I have a fucking crush on somebody else today. But I guess I dont know what this persons problem is. That could be the case with somebody like Tom Petty. And it could also be true with somebody like Bob Marley. Bob Marley had a real problem with depression, right. Well, maybe he got over it or he didnt get over it at all.

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list of celebrities who died in 2017