Stacey Solomon shows reality of childbirth in adult nappy: My noon is broken

Stacey Solomon has been refreshingly transparent on social media about her recovery after giving birth earlier this month, showcasing herself wearing an "adult nappy" on Instagram Stories.

The Loose Women star welcomed baby daughter, Rose Opal, on her 32nd birthday on 4 October, letting her 4.7million followers in on her precious time spent at home with the little one ever since.

Motherhood hasn’t all been a plane sailing experience though, as Stacey opened up on Instagram Stories on Friday afternoon about the reality of her healing process after childbirth in response to a fan’s message.

"Be careful she’s so cute it must make you so broody," it said. "Will you have more?? They say you’re more fertile after you’ve had a baby."

“Oh my gosh I read this message while I was on the toilet, just getting a fresh pair of these bad boys on,” Stacey chuckled, as she lifted her sweatshirt to tug at her "adult nappy" in a video of herself lying next to her sleeping daughter.

“I mean, my noon is still broken to be completely honest, but trust me nobody in the history of getting pregnant ever got pregnant while still wearing these,” she laughed. “So, we’re safe!”

"Adult nappies" are disposable incontinence products worn by mothers for a period of time after giving birth.

Known to be candid about her experiences as a mother on social media and while co-hosting Loose Women, Stacey appeared more than comfortable to discuss with her followers how has been coping physically after giving birth.

“Hats off to anyone who can even think about procreating 11 days after giving birth,” she captioned one story.

“My noon is still 100% broken and…I mean I could be wrong (probably am) but I don’t think anyone in the history of getting pregnant ever got pregnant while still needing adult nappies to catch the afterbirth.”

Stacey seemed to be enjoying hanging out solo with daughter Rose Opal, posting earlier in the day another video of the baby girl resting on her bed in silence.

“The boys are all at school & I’m just sitting here staring Wondering what she’s dreaming of…” she captioned.

“I should really go back to sleep because she doesn’t nap like this in the night, but why can’t I stop staring??”

Evidently obsessed with her latest arrival, Stacey is taking a much-needed break from work duties, enjoying being a first-time mum to a daughter after having three boys.

Posting a recent photo of her sons with their new sister, she captioned: “You’re everything they’ve dreamed of and so much more. No matter what, they will be by your side forever and ever.”

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