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A0 You agreeI was only here one day, I need to be back on vacation. Because I have to do something to earn money, and Id like to visit a friendA friend. You shake your head, she looks like a good kid. I just want to spend some time with her later on when Im in St. I mean you wouldnt find any work on St. Barts; no one would even want to hire you even babysitting. You wouldnt make enough money to stay there. You only have so much money, you need to save it to spend at other places, like a restaurant, for instance. I guess, Ill be looking forward to spending time with you, when you leave. You dont know how long you stood there staring at her, before she left the room. You dont know why, but youre getting a great feeling and you dont want to leave it. You stand in the hallway for a while, before you hear the knocking. You look around, and find that its coming from the front door. A little man with a black vest with a red lining and jeans looks at you. He has short black hair and a scar on his eyebrow. He wears an open shirt and a pair of sneakers. It was fun hanging out with you, and we should meet again some day. A long wait for coffee in the hotel coffee shop, and then another long wait for the ferry to St. Barts, but you get the job done. You even get a few minutes of sleep before your morning appointment. You also get a tip in change for your tip, which is nothing, but its nice to get a token of thanks. The ferry rides are very pleasant and relaxing, its like the ride is a holiday with you, and you get a little high from the time you spend in the cabin. You get back to the island around noon when the ferry docks in Port Everglades. You find a parking ticket out front of the building, which you put in your wallet for the trip to your car. You start your car and drive into the parking lot. This is your first time on this island, so youre definitely nervous.

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