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Shit, thats right, its time to kill the damn things. You are up to your neck in shit now, and you are going to have to get it all off, but you think you can manage. Were going to head up to the roof and blow the shit off of it. They already know about that place, theyll just shoot at us at that range. Johnny suggests, and at this point you just shake your head and continue. Alright, were going to head up to the roof and blow the shit off of it. You just have to find a good spot to do it. All right, well lets use this one. Theres a bunch of parked vehicles up there, so it should work for a little while. Once we stop taking casualties here, we might have to move, but well stick here until nightfall. You head up to the roof and take cover in the carsYou run up to the roof and try to find cover, but its not like you have many cars to hide in, you just hope you see something over the rooftops. You go to the closest parked car and try to hide in it, but its still not enough to hide you completely. You hear the police sirens blaring through the area, and youre pretty sure you hear the police cars as well. Shit, shit, shit, Im gonna die. You hear someone say over the loudspeaker. You are so close to jumping up and running to escape, but then you hear a voice you recognize, the Mayors. Its alright, its alright, just breathe deep, relax and relax. You try to breathe normally again and just hope you havent missed anything that said about blowing up the entire place.

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