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On one side, you have reformers who think its good to reduce the number of people locked up because it will reduce the costs of treating their illnesses. On the other, you have law enforcement and prosecutors who disagree. They believe that it will be more difficult to build, and that they will have more trouble solving crime. Heres where the debate stands, according to data the Sentencing Project, which researches and publishes criminal justice reform. The number of people in prison has more than doubled since 1980According to the Sentencing Project, prison population has spiked since 1980, and increased by almost 50 percent between 2000 and 2012, with two thirds of those increases coming in the last five years. Thats led to a tripling of the prison population in recent years. The most severe crimes are getting more severeThe number of people incarcerated for drug-related offenses has more than doubled since 1980. During that same period of time, violent crimes have gone up by 60 percent. Even though the violent crime rate has gone down, its still far above what it was in 1980. And the Sentencing Project says that over half of these new nonviolent offenders have no prior criminal record. They just used drugs or did time when they were younger. The prison population is getting more expensive each yearThe cost per inmate is up significantly since 1980. 36,000 per year, which is more than three times the price of a high school education in 1950. A lot of prisoners are in for non-violent crimesThe Sentencing Project analyzed data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics. The number of people held in state and federal prisons for drug-related crimes has been rising. Violent crime has been declining since the turn of the century. The trend toward less violent crime is driven by drug crime, but its not an outlier. Here are the top five non-violent offenders in federal prison:The list includes people charged with bank fraud or identity theft and others who used false documents, as well as people who did time for identity theft or fraud when they were younger. Non-violent crimes are becoming more and more expensiveThe Sentencing Project also examined incarceration rates, and found that over the last 30 years, crime has actually become less expensive to the police, courts, and the general public. The police are losing out on crimeThe research is based on the Bureau of Justice Statistics, and it shows that in 1980 there were about 25-30 people in state and federal prison for violent crime. Thirty years later, there were about 700 in state and federal prison.

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