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Your vote: Luis CarlosHe was very nice. He said: You can pick up your money there, but I want to bring you to the location where my car is located because I left my keys there and I thought you might find it interesting to see it. So, I was like Okay thanks, cool and he escorted me to my car, which was in the parking lot. There was a little door that was partially open, but he closed the door, so I didnt see anyone else inside, and I drove off. Thats what a reader told me about a story I read last month. In this case, the reader was a male friend who was a drug dealer and ran a small-time operation. He said he and a buddy had been driving around the country to sell his product and hed gotten pulled over by the police a couple times. In each case, the cops hadnt gotten a lot and hed made some more money from the fines. Hed lost his license for a few months at a time and only paid the fines out of his own pocket, but it was a great way to make extra money. Eventually the police were going to arrest him, but they backed down and he got a few more months in jail. He says he got to the jail and the sherrif told him to wait in his office and said hed come back with more than money. Visit WebsiteThis dude, who was tall, had a beard, really big eyes, a thick neck, a really bad cough and wore a fedora, came out of his office. And came stomping down the hall yelling that he wanted me to have some of what I had in my car. He brought me out to his SUV and opened the door. There was a small space between his arm and his body where he was reaching for something. He was wearing a white suit and his hair was slicked forward in a ponytail.

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