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Some of the more outrageous titles that Southpark has thrown at celebrities, and themselves, have been: Duke Nukem is Hitler or something like that; Charlie Hoban Petersen is a crackwhore; The Duckman is a sillyarse with a big-ass stupid. The Ghostbusters are a scam; Kyle Crady is a gay-ass pedophile. The Rocky film is a horrible disaster; Ricky Martin is a creepy-ass; Bradley Pleasure is a homophobe. Southpark has included many Other cartoons that criticize Populism; the-series controversies are often greatly debated. Uncut, Big has finally won and the World is now under control of the Big Man. The film stars Chris Rock and Kevin Hart in major voice roles, As the new dictator of the World, Mr. Reilly, has mandated that all movies and shows must now be PG-13. This includes South Park, although the show has a few surprises ahead. South Park now follows Cartman in a series of adventures as he runs for his life. The movie also includes the most shocking moments in South Park history. The movie came out in 2001, so it was rated PG. It also features an extended Behind the Music featurette which provides a deeper look at the making of the movie. UncutPG-13 97 Minutes 2004 Video-DVD, 4-Disc DVD, South Park: Bigger, Long.

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