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I said, there are no celebrities in the southern part of this country. There are a few, and Im about to tell you who, because I love you. A few years ago, I was driving in a big hurry through the streets of Los Angeles, and I passed a big sign with a big red X on it. A big red X that showed that, no matter what you believed, you were an American first and a Christian afterward. S coming next, and I want to believe in something bigger than us. I want to believe that this country was made for the children of God. That we shall not cease from doing good until a better day, that we shall all sit under the shadow of the Almighty one day, though we be in here under the water in the depths of winter. That someday, all men will sit under the shade of the Almighty one day, and live. This seems to be the best speech so far from Rev. T have homes worth anything and businesses are struggling under the weight of government regulations. S trying to kill our way of life.

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