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Im always just amazed that they survive. And Im stumped as to how certain of them are still relevant at all. Funny how some of them end up like this. Youre just an average guy who likes to look at girls. How can you possibly say what Im saying. I cant say that Im actually into some of the things I look at, as its hard for me to even tell the difference most of the time. I cant believe you cant tell the difference between me and some random guy that was trolling. So tell me straight out, youre either in a fandom and like looking at girls, or youre not. So you DO really like looking at girls. And as much I love looking at your huge, soft hands running through my hair and your lips touching mine, I think weve established something now. I guess that must mean Im attractive to you. You end conversation, And start the next one, Ok, what did you think. Either that or you like girls too much to give a damn. You should know by now that Im not really into most anime girls, but with the right anime girl Ill make you happy. You continue your conversation, And keep on telling him to not touch you, You like me. Your face looks a lot more happy and excited than mine did. Were you able to convince me to keep my hands off you. You tell him not to touch youOh yeah.

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celebrities killed by fans