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Your vote: Dizaster, Travis Prensky, Were not even a month into 2014, and were already in the midst of yet another What will the new year bring. Of course the reality is that nothing is certain, and nothing ever is. But its been a really bizarre first half of 2014, and I suppose 2014 is the perfect time to look back on some of the weirdest and wildest ideas that the world of science fiction and fantasy has floated in the last decade. DIGITAL MACHINES WILL BE IMPERATIVEThe rise of the Internet has made the potential for cyberpunk-style cybernetic enhancements even more relevant. Most of what we use in our modern technology was first envisioned in a cyberpunk world cell phones are probably the best, if most obvious, example so were already seeing the first hints of those possibilities come to life. THE CYBERNETIC REVOLUTION HAS STARTEDEven just looking at the world of science fiction of the past decade, we see that the technological changes have been occurring on a massive scale. Cyberpunk, in particular, has explored these changes in the most detail, so its not like theres nothing happening in the real world, but the idea of a massive societal shift like that is still pretty far away. LABOR IS A BIG DEALIn the cyberpunk movements core vision of the future, a robot uprising wouldnt necessarily mean the end of humanity. The machines would be more of a hindrance than anything, slowly taking over to the point that humanity couldnt fight back because its technological prowess would have been completely useless. Its not an accident that most of the movements members are academics, scientists, or other folks who have the skills to reverse the trend of technology taking over. In fact, all of its most important figures come from that field. ITS THE LABOR OF THE URBANIZED CLASS THATLL SAVE USThe reason the robots take over in cyberpunk stories is because of their higher-than-average intelligence. Theyre also the ones with the most to lose if they lose power. TECHNOLOGY IS A BIG DEALThe idea of a post-scarcity economy is a very common one in cyberpunk fiction. Essentially, this means that society will be based around a basic barter economy where resources are free to be traded without the need for money, with goods and services being produced at low cost and sold to the highest bidder. This idea actually has strong roots in socialist and communist ideology, but given the potential for a robot uprising, its more likely to succeed given that so many in power are.

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