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And theres even a few celebrities that live in the area and are still popular musicians. The musicians, the writers, the movie-makers, the actors, all of them working together as a team toward one cause. The name of the game for a lot of these celebs is to be able to live in style, which is why they all live here. They all have their own private homes but they all agree to host events here in order to be eligible for some of the perks. Im sure you have noticed the many big-name celebrities. You just dont know about the lesser-known ones. But you do know about me, right. Ive always made my home here because I dont see any reason to move. You also know that Ive been living here for a few months. Yes, Ive been living here for about three months now. So Ive been hearing about all this amazing place. Im not living here for any other reason. I have to keep living here, to prove to myself that I did make it. When this all gets over with, I may leave, but right now I have to stay here. You then continue to say how impressed you are by such a place. Its a peaceful life in the trees, but its actually much better than the outside world. Theres a reason why people come here and stay here. I then continue to explain that you could also say you came here to re-create the life that you once had when you were living on your ranch. You mean when you were living on it do you even now have a ranch of your own. Well, maybe I should find out what happened to your ranch. You also continue to explain how you have a lot in common with the locals. Yes, they are all very nice people. I am very pleased to live here, and Im going to live here until the end. This place was a big part of who I am and everything that I had. When that ranch came down, it was my whole world, and it was like everything.

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