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A new type of smart gun has been developed by the US military and could one day be ready within five years. The gun, called the XM15, uses a sensor that fires a blank at the time of firing. The bullet passes through the sensor which is then placed over the trigger. To fire the weapon, users simply pull back on the trigger and the gun fires. The gun could prevent suicides, or even be used to shoot down incoming missiles. However, the US military is keen to stress that the gun is not designed for civilian use. Instead, it is designed for use by military personnel and is currently used by snipers. The XM15 was developed by the Pentagons technology arm, DARPA, to replace bullet-proof vests and body armour. The guns are only used by US military personnel and its use will be strictly controlled by the military. The XM15 has already been tested by US Special Ops troops in Iraq and has already proved to be an effective weapon. Image: The gun is capable of firing a bullet for each squeeze of the triggerIt is also more accurate than the current rifles used by US troops. In tests, the XM15 was found to be able to reliably hit targets from up to three miles away. Although the weapon is intended for military use, it could be more readily available to civilians, as the gun is still in development. There are two versions of the gun, one being made for shooters and the other for hunters, both of which have different components. Currently the gun is not being sold to civilians, but the Pentagon hopes that one day, it could become part of everyday life. However, many in the public disagree with the gun being available to the public. The idea that we would give anyone access to a weapon that could fire a bullet for every single pull of the trigger is completely irresponsible and beyond our comprehension, said Tom Coughlin, a firearms dealer from Colorado. If the military is using the gun, then I want to know where I can get one too, not to mention that I find most of the people that run for office that support this type of gun control to be either uninformed or just looking to score political points. More from The SunIM NOT A LIVING PIPE: George Clooneys Angry Facebook Post On His Gun Control MessageBoy, 10, Says Gun Owner Asked Him If He Had.

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