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A Gemini may often sass people on a regular basis, but a Gemini knowswhen to stayout. You see a few figures in the distance and then suddenly theyre out of sight. Yeah, better get used to this, you say to yourself. As you walk through the room you notice different things. One of the walls has a large portrait of some old man and you see himself looking at you. He has a beard and is dressed in what looks like fancy clothes. When you get closer you can see a crown on his head. Youre starting to get a better impression of who this old guy is. The other wall has a large painting of a group of people. One of them looks like a monkey or a gorilla with a human skull and crossbones. The door to the room opens a moment later and Captain Gruz comes out. He walks over to you and you immediately notice that his clothing is much different from what youve seen before. He also has more hair than youve ever seen. We need a new spy in the city, Captain Gruz says. I dont like to bother people if theyre not going to respond. Ive actually been here several times and youve never been here before, you say. Ive been here several times before you were even born. I think I remember one time we had a little party and someone spilled something or some silly ass prank or something. But then someone else came and I didnt think anything of it. I mean, we dont have a real police force here so I didnt think anything was wrong, Captain Gruz says. Do you mean to say you didnt think anything was wrong the very next time you came here. Do you know how long Ive just been lurking about your place and your wife didnt even know I was here, let alone the reason why. I really think Ive been here too long. Count Grey sends his compliments to your work, but I think I should be getting back home. Im sure you had to let in more folks than me. Im sorry, but Im afraid I cant allow you to leave.

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