Some celebrities havent aged over the past 20 years…

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I thought it was going to be some wacky thing where I got a bunch of famous people all in a circle and started answering their questions. I guess I need to do this, I just thought I might as well. You time passesYou look at the clock, which says youre still about 2 hours to get ready for this. You sit down on a chair in the room and look at your watches. You cant believe you arent the only one who feels this way, youre going to be late. Well you werent going to say anything about it anyway you think as you put your stuff away. You turn around and see a guy with a buzz cut wearing a dark blue t-shirt and grey sweatpants. He chuckles as he goes back inside the house and comes back with a large briefcase. He opens it up, and pulls out some papers. He doesnt say too much to you, just looks at you and tosses the papers away. He opens up another briefcase and throws some papers out. And then he opens up yet another briefcase and starts throwing away other papers. All the while he keeps staring at you, all the while keeping a big grin on his face. You keep reading and dont say anythingWhat. You continue reading on and keep your gaze fixed on him, while not saying a word. His attention is definitely on you, so you know you need to say something. Well, its important to you that I get you back here. Because youre gonna be late You keep reading and keep your gaze fixed on himI think hes just joking. He chuckles as he goes back inside the house and comes back with a small key and a lock. He unlocks the door, opens it, and tosses the key to you. You look at him, but he keeps looking at you. He doesnt look angry, or scared, or anything. Its like he just notices you in some way, he doesnt see you as a threat or a threat to him in anyway. You just want to get here right.

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celebrities who dont age