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As we all know, the most influential one isselected. You go with the other guyThe world has always been a big and complicated place with a lot of people making life miserable for each other. Your experience with the ladies has never been particularly complex, so why shouldnt you go with whats available. You decide to go with the guy who seems to be more accessible and, after a bit of time with him, you cant help but be impressed by his success in the social arena. You never thought youd see the day. You dont know what this guys problem is, but you cant believe your eyes. S apartment building looks like a place from a Hollywood movie. Ve ever said out loud something so self-deprecating, but you feel like a total loser for doing so. T even have any pictures of yourself on Facebook. T even even have any friends on Facebook. You never have, except for this weird crush you have on the guy. So you give up and go home. You spend the night and wake up to a whole lot of questions. How did you not know he had no TV. Re too young to have had friends when you were my age. T spend all night talking on the Internet, he could be at the bathroom. No way, he only goes online to chat with you. He spends all day playing video games. T even know how to respond to that except to get angry and.

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