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MadonnaCher CherA post appeared yesterday on the popular gossip Web site TMZ. We dont tell ANYONE here at TMZ that this is a parody, so we called TMZ and asked for a comment. I have no idea what youre talking about, said a female assistant on the telephone. Well, I just read you a post that Madonna had an abortion in the early 1980s. So, who knows, maybe it wasnt real, said a male co-worker on the telephone. The Web site is devoted to entertainment news, and is part of a larger TMZ Media chain. TMZ Media is owned by Viacom, VIAB which is a unit of Viacom. TMZ Media has been aggressive about protecting its image, even at the cost of what is posted on the LivePage. In March, the company took the unusual step of taking down a posting by a blogger that said that then-Ventax CEO David Baazov had used company funds to pay his ex-wife for abortions. When the blogger tried to get the post restored, he was denied, according to a spokesman for TMZ Media. Our LivePage has been criticized as being a way to hide things that shouldnt be in the hands of the public, said the spokesman. When the Web site began in 1997, it was mostly used by celebrity reporters or gossip columnists working for mainstream newspapers. Com was so successful, it has expanded beyond its original niche of talk-head-style gossip. Girl that became a media sensation after a teen on Internet message boards claimed to have been a girl who was paid to have sex with a celebrity. In 2004, a LivePage posting featured a picture of a naked woman wearing only a sports bra being held down in the foreground by handcuffs. A search for the woman turned up only pictures of her from other media. Another LivePage posting in 2006 that the company posted about the singer P Diddy contained pictures of the man that the singer had allegedly sent to another woman. There were pictures of the man in his underwear and nude, holding a beer bottle.

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