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A quick explanation of what Canada is likeI love this part about how the Canadian weather is so cold that you cant even feel its cold on the ground, and how they never had snow as long as weve been around so Canadas winters are always winter. No matter what the sky is like outside because there is, in fact, never much or any snow. 2, I think Canadas population of Canadians is pretty diverse. Its a lot bigger than the United States, so youd expect there would be more cultures represented here. And indeed, there is more diversity because of the size of the country. On the flipside, it also seems like more non-whites reside in Canada than in the US. Still, in terms of the countrys major ethnicities, people from Quebec and the Maritimes are a bit less likely to move here than in the US. In the United States, there are very few people from Asian descent, if indeed they exist, and even fewer people from the Philippines. While the US still has a large population of people from African descent, thats a much smaller portion of the overall population. It seems like Canadas population of people of Asian descent doesnt quite match up as well. There are more Filipinos in Canada than Filipinos in the United States, but not nearly as many as Chinese. 4, As for people of color, the numbers in Canada have been increasing. There are more people of colour than there are in the U. As someone who is half-Chinese, I know a lot of my Asian friends are very much white, so I cant help but wonder if its a problem thats not unique to Canada. 5, I dont know if its a problem, but I am a little worried about the health care system in Canada. I think the United States isnt quite as messed up and its pretty much guaranteed healthcare to everybody, but here in Canada you dont always know when youre going to get sick in Canada or when youre not. Canadian hospitals are known as having some of the best medical care and hospitals are actually quite cheap in Canada. That means that in order for you to be able to afford to go to your doctor, you have to be able to get there fairly quickly. I know that the United States workforce is pretty evenly split among male and female, but I imagine Canadians work hard and get paid relatively well, to be honest, Im Canadian.

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celebrities who are moving to canada