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You continueOh well, it was nice while it lasted. You continueYou continueThe most important thing for many women to know is not to over think things. There is no reason to feel guilty about not breastfeeding. And if a woman feels guilty about it they are simply lacking in self-esteem. There is nothing wrong with not being able to breastfeed and thats all there should be to it. As you continue to read through the comments, you begin to notice some common themes. The first thing that catches your eye is someone elses comments about their own experience. You realize youve read a lot of other things besides the breastfeeding photos. Most were women telling you about their own breastfeeding and commenting on them. A few were women telling you about other things including their own experiences as well as others comments on them. What the women were feeding their babiesHow the mothers were able to feed their babiesAnything else they had to say about their experiences with feeding their babiesYou cant help but look at a few of these and you realize youve read them all so you can see how theyve changed as the years go by. The more you read, the more you realize that there really isnt anything unique about your own experience. All it takes is for you to nurse to get the emotions. It really makes you wonder what else youve gotten wrong all these years. You continueAnd you continueThe most important thing that you need to remember is that your hormones have nothing to do with whether or not your body feels good about breastfeeding. Your hormones are simply there to help make sure food isnt stored up, that you eat enough food, and to make sure your body is producing the hormones that it needs to maintain life. What you need to do is to not use the hormones of your human mother to make milk. Humans dont, why are you thinking you are some sort of exception. And when you think about all the women who gave their babies the benefit of a human mothers milk, you realize that you need to get back to breastfeeding. It isnt going to be good enough to just nurse and be happy. You need to work at it and enjoy the experience once again. Maybe you should take up acting and become a celebrity, that way, you wont have to feel guilty about the whole thing. You could even go out and break some records for this very thing. The comments didnt bother you as much as you thought they might have. You think maybe youre finally getting to the.

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