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Youre already pretty invested and cant believe that youve missed out now that all the celebrities are here. But hey, maybe its just your way of being social, so you have to look forward to maybe one more celebrity at the convention, so maybe youll be interested by then. Then you run into a celebrity that will definitely be interesting to meet. My name is Taylor Swift and today is my 21st birthday. I dont even have any plans to, you say. Well you should come by and I can put your name on my list of people who should come to the convention. You want to meet herOK then, we can go. You look at that list of celebrity friends and realize that maybe you should start paying attention and actually looking at the people on it, instead of just swiveling your head from what you think of as the cool people. Ones a boy youre pretty sure is your crush. The other one who you recognize is one of the people who made fun of you the other day at the museum. Another is a guy you think is your dad. Then theres a few people you dont recognize, and theres also the small group of people that you just met, but you cant tell if theyre from the same convention you are, or if theyre all from somewhere else. Still, all the people on that list are super interesting. You keep with what you knowYou keep that list handy, so youll know who to keep an eye out for at the convention. You also keep a list of people who are super interesting to you that you cant seem to find anyone to meet, especially the people from the other list, and it looks like you have about the same amount of time to meet as you do to look for the people on the list. As you walk away from the group of famous celebrity friends, you see two groups of people walking together. One group is made up of people you recognize from your list, and one of those is a man and a woman. The woman looks really familiar, but you have no idea who she is. You should talk to herYou know who this woman is and youre definitely not looking for anyone, so you turn around and head over to speak to her.

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