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I guess they do since we have to The next dayYou quickly finish cleaning up before you have to start cleaning up again. You then take your time making sure the rest of the hotel is as tidy as you can. When you leave the room, you wonder how much of a headache you are about to have, and if you should even bother. When you exit the elevator, you see the room of your sister is already clean. You immediately start thanking the stars and begin to hurry back to your room. Before you do you take a brief look around, finding the floor is as well kept as it was yesterday. You look around for the door, but it is locked. Then you start getting scared again as you realise that you were only here because you were desperate. Still desperately hoping the door to your room wont be locked, you crawl to the top of the bed and peek in the other door. It is unlocked, so you start shuffling closer to it and hoping that it is unlocked for you. Then you see your sisters hand on the doorknob and then she opens the door. You are quickly up and running into the room before she can say Get some towels if you are going to be in here for that long. You cant believe that you just said that. It is a good thing that she didnt hear you, because now things would have been very different. Then you see her standing just inside the door, looking a bit startled herself. As you approach, you can see that you are running into the middle of a messy, sticky mess. You are so embarrassed that you cant even look in her eyes, only just run past her. After you have gone completely past her, you can hear her cursing loudly and swearing as she picks up the towels she dropped yesterday. When you are far enough away you start rubbing your eyes, wondering if you should go back and tell your sister what happened, or if you should just go to bed and try to forget about it. You go back and tell your sister what happenedYou cant believe that you went and talked yourself into talking to your sister again. You are sorry to have even done it, but after last night you are too ashamed to even think about seeing her again. You are too embarrassed to even face the two of you and just run as fast as you can. You are just glad you ran past her fast enough to avoid having to see her again since that would have been a bad idea. When you finish running along the corridor, you suddenly stop when you see a man in a business suit pointing a pistol at the wall. You feel a very sharp pain in your right leg and you gasp when you feel the bone go completely through the flesh.

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