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From Quentin Tarantino to Natalie Portman to Rashida Jones, meet the smartest celebrities. You joinWell, you could have joined years ago, but you didnt do that. You joined a year or two ago, and youre glad you did. Youre sitting in a room, in a room with people youre about to learn youre all going to be sharing a room with for the next month. The room is very clean, and you notice a few magazines are on the table between you and the host, whos sitting on the other side. You stare at him, trying to take all the mystery out of the situation. The rooms a bit stuffy, so its good that weve got a fan blowing gently on us, so as not to disturb you. This one man team was in our group for a while, but he decided to go and have lunch with his girlfriend. When we arrived, we were greeted by two men in business suits, who welcomed us with a polite How do you do and a small smile before going straight into a question, followed by a long pause, and then Oh. Boyfriend and I would like you to join us in our meeting with our major client, as were sure youre aware by now. Ive never heard of any major client before. Yeah, Ive been here about two days, and I already know all of you guys names, jobs, and places of employment. Well thats good, good, because Im not going to ask everyone, the host says, giving you a look that doesnt particularly say Im just here to fuck around, but rather Youre going to have to answer me, now. Were in a documentary about a band called the New Punks, and the other band in this band is called the Smartest Band In The Land. Its a band about which no one can know anything about, and a band about which no one really cares. So were using a porn shoot to show this band. Replies a girl, getting up to go wash a handkerchief.

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