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He is not just some overgrown idiot, but one of the smartest people youve ever met. He knows what to get and what not to get hisself into. Plus his music is consistently good all around. This isnt just your average guy with a little smarts. Than his band is just an example of what can happen when artists and musicians work together. You are really, really tired just writing all this down. You can hardly believe it and you arent even sure if youll be able to actually make it home on your own, but its true. I think the last few days have been somewhat of a blur. If it isnt enough that I have to live in the same house with you all, then I might have to start living quite literally in a dream. You finish typing and then start to write some more. You find it is best to just let your mind wander. Your thoughts start to circle back to the events that occurred a few days ago. You think back to what really happened, and then you start to wonder if you are overreacting or not. You even start to get angry at yourself for feeling this way. You can even remember that you were scared during all this, however, you dont dwell on it, as you feel it is unnecessary. Maybe you are just feeling extra guilty about all this, and maybe that is it. Then after a few minutes of thinking about all this you feel a sudden wave of exhaustion hit you. You feel like you have to write down everything you can think of as you close your eyes. The beginning is the moment we first became aware of the Universe. Is the past and the future are but two aspects of the same reality.

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