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Inherently weird-looking-people cant do or should nearly do things everyone does in reality. Celebrities with small frames like these are at a huge disadvantage and never get the opportunity to be seen with other people or to make friends when they should. They get treated like an outsider by the rest of the world, and thats not an attitude anyone wants to have. To wildbillsss1 sent 29 minutes agoNot that I have any preference one way or the other, but what the hell do you mean I should stay in denial. Being on a diet is the fucking solution to my problem and not just the problem, its a goddamn solution to my problem. If I just did this thing I know my doctor wants me to do, I could be in control of my life. To wildbillsss1 sent 26 minutes agoYou know what, Im sorry I offended you by calling you delusional, but this shit goes both ways. You need to get over your self-hatred somehow and recognize that most of the time its not anyone but yourself that you have to blame for your own shit. Maybe youre not a celebrity, but youre not really in any danger of being fat. If the world was a better place, you probably wouldnt be dealing with all this weight in the first place. Fat people get treated like shit all the fucking time, but if you really wanted to be thin, you could start being thin already. You can see now that I used the word diet, so do you feel better. To wildbillsss1 sent 24 minutes agoI think Im fine, just got a little too wound up about it. I dont think that Ill ever be thin, but Im not going to hide that from anyone. To wildbillsss1 sent 21 minutes agoWell good for you. You cant help but be positive about things, you just had to be negative about this diet thing. Well, Ill give you something to be negative about, it is the diet, it is the solution, and it is the shit you have to put up with from skinny people all the damn time. To wildbillsss1 sent 20 minutes agoYou know what, if you really think about it, I dont even think you have a choice. My point still stands though, being skinny and successful is.

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